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The KISS Apps in Flutter Contest for Liquid Galaxy review

Post by mentor Vedant Singh

The KISS Apps in Flutter Contest was a total success with many flutter applications submitted leveraging the power of visualization fueled by the Liquid Galaxy Project. Congratulations to the winners of the contest-

1st Place - Amit Kumar

2nd Place - Manas Dalvi

3rd Place - Saumya Bhattacharya

The applications submitted were very good and it was a tough competition among them. 

The winners are receiving a package of Flutter and Google swags and a certificate. 

And all the remaining participants will not be empty-handed, they will be awarded with a participation certificate to appreciate their efforts. And their contributions will of course be noted and awarded at the right time. You can also find many of the applications that were submitted to the contest in our official Github:

A few of them will also be published on the Google Play Store. 

So congratulations to them and all the other participants and we thank them for making this event a great success.

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