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Coding internships: Oscar Carrasco

Oscar arranging some screens on Lleida Liquid Galaxy

My experience visiting Lleida
Oscar Carrasco

My name is Óscar Carrasco and I am a junior student of Computer Engineering at Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain).

I met Andreu in last July, in his TLP Innova conference about Google Summer of Code which really interested me, so I decided to stay in touch with him. We contacted again in November and, one month later, I collaborated with him as a Liquid Galaxy project mentor in the Google Code-in program.

This experience was enjoyable to me, so I travelled to Lleida this summer in order to keep developing Open-source software in a project called “Liquid Galaxy for Education”.

Oscar in the middle, with Liquid Galaxy LAB students Deniz Yüksel left and Albert Merino right

The first two things that got my attention in Lleida were the blazing hot weather and the lack of sea. Since I’ve been living near the ocean my entire life, it was suffocating not to see it around me. It was hard for me to get used to the climate.

The main activity was working in the labs in the morning. We managed to port most of the core Liquid Galaxy features into the Chromebooks during my stance, as it was intended to happen. My partners were also working on improving the legacy Liquid Galaxy Controller Android application during this time.

From left to right, Andreu Ibanez, Oscar Carrasco, Deniz Yüksel, Albert Merino i Albert Planes, summer students, plus Lot Amorós, visiting mentor from project Dronecoria.

We were also involved in many other tasks. We went to the cinema, had dinner at Punto Estrella, (popular restaurant in Lleida), participated in a local radio channel called UA1, visited a startup called InTech3D and hosted three Google Developer Group meetups in our spare time. And we did all of this in only five days! I had never felt so productive in my entire life.

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