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Student Pau Mava and his experience in Google Code-in 2018

Notice about minors permission: Students have written those posts and sent the photos, and give permission to us to publish them. Still they are anonymous in the sense that we do not publish their authentic names, but his nicknames on the contest.


My Experience on GCI 2018
Hello Everybody, I’m PauMAVA and I participated on the Google CodeIn contest in the year 2018.
 I decided to work with Liquid Galaxy and they requested me to write my opininion about 2018’s contest. Short Answer? Amazing and really Educative. Long Answer? 
Let me explain myself. I did plenty of tasks that involved coding, research, quality assurance... The most difficult ones for me were almost always about coding, for example: In one task I did a bash script to get data from a Google Earth file into a .txt file and I really learnt the basics of bash during that task (before doing it I didn’t even know how to create directories...). 
Another example of a coding task was the development of an online database that helped me improve a lot my HTML, CSS and Js. The results were not bad for my level (from my point of view of course...). 
I also made over 4 tasks about graphic design including logo design, t-shirts and even a 3D building from my city using of curse Open Source and free software all the time. 
Writing is also important in CodeIn contest (I don’t recommed doing only one type of task) because there are lots of tasks about givind ideas or writing reports. Those may be the easiest ones for you if you know how to write in english well and have some searching skills. 
I did a task that aimed to search Liquid Galaxy errors in Ubuntu 18 creating some installation logs. The task I’m most proud is one in which a made a Liquid Galaxy installation in Virtual Machines. Despite I was stuck for a week on an issue that was solved by zooming in on the globe (and I was searching all the tie for issues on the code) when the great community suggested me to do so. Watch out! Sometimes your error may be the most simple one.
Overall I worked with lots of sofwares and languages including: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, C, Sketchup, Inkscape, LATEX(for text formatting), GIMP and many others.
So yeah, If you are thinking about participating in next year’s constest don’t doubt to do it working with Liquid Galaxy will be a great eperience for sure.
Unfortunately the contest ends this year for me :(, I will not meet the age requirements for next year’s contest anymore but I wish you luck to all of those that decide to participate.

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