Student Jakub and his experience in Google Code-in 2018

Notice about minors permission: Students have written those posts and sent the photos, and give permission to us to publish them. Still they are anonymous in the sense that we do not publish their authentic names, but his nicknames on the contest.

My experience with Liquid Galaxy on google codein 2018
My GCI2018/liquid galaxy adventure
My personal goals for competition

Hello everyone!
I’m Jacob and I was taking part in codein 2018 making tasks from liquid galaxy. After the competition, I can say that was the best pick. I learn a lot. Before you go to read the rest of the post you can watch my short video about liquid galaxy tasks (it’s probably post tl;dr).

My GCI2018/Liquid Galaxy adventure

Ok, let’s start from picking organization for competition. Before I pick organization for the contest I take a look at every organization (This year ware 27 organizations). I remember that I have a few expectations from organizations tasks. It was a few of them:

Not too hard
With the meaning of existing/practical
Learn new things
A small number of students

After a look at all organizations I pick liquid galaxy because they fulfilled all the requirements and the project looks interesting. Actually, I think that was the best choice. Let’s talk about a few more interesting tasks.

Firebase tasks series (series of 4 tasks about creating an app with firebase)

At the start, I must say about one thing. When I’m doing the tasks they were about a real-time database, actually they tasks are about cloud firestore.

That tasks are so easy but that was a good introduction to firebase. I have created authentication with o line of code, getting and listing for a new record in the database, send records to the database and deploying the app to hosting.

Google assistant codelabs

This task was about google assistant. You were made 2 codelabs about google assistant. After that, you have to make your own assistant app, based on codelabs what you made.

This task was more complicated then tasks with firebase. Only because with google assistant you have a lot more things/applications between you an assistant. With this task, I could see how easy you can make an app for that complicated thing what is google assistant.

With this task, I learn a lot of about google assistant and I’m sure that I will use them in the future.

Make a script to change the planet

That one was so easy but I need to write some about this one. That was my first experience with scripting. Before I claim this task I try to make this script with bash because in tags of task bash was. After claiming I ask about use python for the script. They replay that i can use what I want. At the moment I was so happy. That situation shows me that liquid galaxy does not limit us.

Install HTML5 Aquarium app on Liquid Galaxy

This task is one of the most interesting tasks. The one task was a little bit harder. The main thing what we need to do is to find a code of that. Code of that is somewhere on the web 🤔. After found code that is so easy because only what you need is run it. I personally like this one.

Program a simple OSC protocol based Liquid Galaxy Android application

Before I start writing about this task I must say about one thing. I start my adventure with programming from android apps. Because that this task was for me so “personally” (if that is a good word). Actually, I know only basics about android xD.

Ok, let’s talk about the task. In this task, you have to read about the OSC protocol. After that, you must write an android app what sends OSC message. It’s not so hard task. For me, a lot harder was create a layout for the app then wrote code.

If you think about liquid galaxy I can tell you only good word :)

My personal goals for competition
Before gci started I set myself a few goals. Not a lot but some important for me. This is that list:

- Done 30 tasks
- Be finalist
- Be winner

Before I tell you about points from the list I need to say about 2 things.

First, I’m not proud because I don’t do tasks with tenserflow. I really want to do this tasks but when I open tenserflow getting started I gave up. I’m not proud of it.

Second, is more positive. One of the mentors encouraged me to think about new tasks what they can add. I came up with 3 and 2 of them was added!!! I’m so happy with it.

Back to points from the list.

Done 30 tasks ✔
Actually, I have done 35 tasks :)

Be finalist?

Be winner?

I will find out in a few days.

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