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Jaume Casanova, coding internship at Lleida's Liquid Galaxy LAB

 Liquid Galaxy LAB internship Jaume Casanova

Hello, my name is Jaume Casanova and I am a 4th year student of Physics at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and I spent summer 2021 at the Liquid Galaxy LAB for my internship subject at university.

Being at the Liquid Galaxy LAB has given me knowledge in areas I didn’t know much about as a physicist, such as developer coding and computer science. I've developed a great technical understanding in Linux operative systems, specifically Ubuntu, and its use through the shell and problem solving.

Working for the first time with the Liquid Galaxy system has introduced me into open source projects, as well as deep diving into Liquid Galaxy being able to execute its correct installation, diagnose problems in the system and solving them as well as using the software as a base for other projects, i.e. Google Summer of Code projects. Also, together with Judith, we wrote a 2021 actualized guide for the installation of a Liquid Galaxy system.

In addition, a big part of my internship has been dedicated to the Google Summer of Code program and its relation with the Liquid Galaxy project, where my main tasks have consisted in helping all of the 12 students, doing a follow up of every single one of them and testing all their projects here in the labs. I attended the virtual meetings with the students and mentors, giving feedback on our testing in the labs.

Now I’m part of the Google Developers Group Lleida as an organizer, where I’m sure that in the future a lot of interesting projects will be developed and will give me a great way to continue in touch with the Liquid Galaxy LAB and its technologies, something I look forward to.

All in all it’s been a great time, I’ve learned a lot during the summer and discovered areas of knowledge I didn’t know before. People here in the Liquid Galaxy LAB are wonderful and have a very nice treat, creating a very good vibe of companionship and great work.

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