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Tech Stack and Use Cases



The Liquid Galaxy is a Geographic Information System, GIS. With it you will be able to do plenty of maps tasks in a immersive and interactive way.


With our upcoming Liquid Galaxy for Education version, sponsored by Xenon Computer and ACER Education, we want that the Liquid Galaxy experience expands to schools at zero cost.


Being a maps based system, the Liquid Galaxy is a great tool for all kind of tourism applications, from tours to guides, all experienced in an amazingly immersive experience.

3D Models

With the integration of open source viewers like the Sketchfab, the Liquid Galaxy allows an interactive and immersive visualization of 3D models and cloud point meshes.


The Liquid Galaxy, with his applications, can handle different kinds of data and overlay those over a point in the maps, anywhere in the world.


Our project has basic abilities to play some games in a multiscreen environment.


Some of the tech stack we use to create awesome projects.


Our base system runs on Linux, usually an Ubuntu LTS. The Liquid Galaxy is all about maps, but with an intense network traffic to visualize everything, so the Open Source Operating system Linux is our choice.


Currently the most extended scripting language and plenty of capabilities is the most usual we choose for developing our applications.


When we deal with multiple Chromium browsers, the Open Sourced version of Chrome web browser, we use Node.js to communicate all machines, giving a full new dimension to the Liquid Galaxy experience.


Our de facto standard language for controlling the system. We do use Android on both pure Android tablets and our newest Chrome OS base/Android compatible ACER tablets.


An open source software library released in 2015 by Google to make it easier for developers to design, build, and train deep learning models. We use TensorFlow to analize data that will show up on our panoramic screens.


LLMs enable computers to understand and generate text similar to how humans communicate. We use LLM for various GIS data to create visualizations and tours on the liquid galaxy rig.


A mobile app SDK for building high-performance, high-fidelity, apps for IOS and Android, from a single codebase. We use it for developing our user interface applications on tablets and smartphones.

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