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September 2022: Take a look at our replenished Play Store account, now with 18 applications published from GSoC 2022 and past never published ones.
(Thanks to a great GSoC team effort, and with special mention to Alejandro, Víctor, and Pau's work)

Liquid Galaxy controller
Play Store

Liquid Galaxy for Education final release
Play store link

Liquid Galaxy for Education is a project which consists of bringing Liquid Galaxy to children by using Chromebooks as screens and a tablet as a controller. By that this project aims to introduce children the benefits of Liquid Galaxy and a completely new learning method for subjects like Geography and History.

Liquid Galaxy for Education Alpha release (as historic)
Look at how it works in our Alpha demo video:

short demo running on real Chromebooks

Download the Liquid Galaxy for Education app from the our drive
(it's safe to download ! Not in Play Store due to Alpha status)

Download the code from our github repository and play with the application

Take a look at the original MOQUP design

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