Here you'll find our most used manuals, from newest to oldest.

We still have the older ones because every contributor has his own style and sometimes finds out different ways of doing things, and we do respect those.

January 2023

- Full and comprehensive install guide for a virtual machine's Liquid Galaxy setup in one computer.
By contributor Soham Jaiswal 

August 2022

- Liquid Galaxy VM installation 2022, last update by contributor Alejandro Marcos Illán.

(Spanish version available too)

August 2021

- Liquid Galaxy rig installation (with real computers), by Judith and Jaume

Jun 2020 (latest commit)

- Liquid Galaxy installation on Github 

Other documentation

Liquid Galaxy Bootcamp, made by Liquid Galaxy LAB Facens

Liquid Galaxy rig wiki installation, Ubuntu 12.04, made by Ismael Arroyo, PhD

Original Liquid Galaxy rig installation on Github, archived now

Liquid Galaxy FAQ

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