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Student Avinash and his experience in Google Code-in 2018

Notice about minors permission: Students have written those posts and sent the photos, and give parents permission to us to publish them. Still they are anonymous in the sense that we do not publish their authentic names, but his nicknames on the contest.

My experience with GCI 2018 was amazing. It was also an equally wonderful experience working with Liquid Galaxy. I initially had very little idea about coding but was urging to take part in this contest. I knew I could do few of the design tasks easily but when it comes to coding I think I need to put in a lot of effort.
Throughout this journey, I had great times working with the tasks in the stipulated time and I should really thank the mentors for approving my tasks instantly whatever be the time I was posting my task. I gained a whole lot of confidence when I first saw my name on the top-ten list. However, I didn’t want to limit myself with design tasks.
So I started to research on the coding tasks. There were about 5 Points of Interests tasks and I initially thought they were tough tasks, since I had no prior knowledge about anything much in computers. But then there was also some information provided to the contestants by the mentors on how to capture a Point of Interest. Somehow I had the will power not to do any task without knowing its importance.
So I learnt about its use in the Liquid Galaxy for Education Controller app and then got into it. Soon I was able to do the task really fast and those 5 tasks were completed quickly! I can’t really express how glad I feel to have chosen Liquid Galaxy as it has become my life changing experience. It has introduced me to something called Flutter which is extremely amazing.
I had never thought of Android development and this has opened the doors for me. I really love how liquid galaxy introduced me to Flutter through a task just so that I get to know about the basic stuff and after that increases the difficulty level to make me understand it better. Slowly, I started going through all the tasks which was of my calibre and that’s how my engine started. Most of these days, I had sleepless nights trying to venture into something new.
I got into the impression that I’m gaining lot of information day by day. My research work did not stop. I worked hard to set up the 2 pc and 3 pc LG setup. For the first time when I saw it, I jumped with joy. The level of thrill that I had while doing this task and the amount of happiness I got after accomplishing this task was very high.
I would have set up at least 10 liquid galaxy installations on different PCs, each time learning a little bit extra than the previous time. I analysed and researched where liquid galaxy could be used, had a look at the other tasks given by liquid galaxy. Even though I couldn’t complete other tasks that were related to liquid galaxy installations on HTML5 aquarium and so on, I am still confident that I would gain enough knowledge to accomplish those tasks.

Avinash explaining in a very detailed way what's the Lioquid Galaxy:

Again liquid galaxy introduced me to something amazing called Google code labs which gave me an idea about what exactly is inside Android applications. It gave me a complete tutorial about how to create our own applet in Google assistant. Discovering what all I could do for the first time was an overwhelming experience. I soon began working on Actions on Google and was successful in creating a quiz game and question answer type applet that give us information about liquid galaxy. I would say that accomplishing tasks was not the happiest part but I felt more happier when I realised that I could do this on my own and yes, I have the confidence, that I can do this all day!
A few tasks gave me exposure to 3d designing. I did few design task which ask me to recreate the actual liquid galaxy lab in Spain and also recreate the actual c a d model of liquid galaxy.
I also wrote a program to calculate the distance between two coordinates using latitude and longitude and also I did a query related task. These programs which involve coding needed a bit of research and since they were new to me it wasn't really easy.
I had to figure out how to do it and only then I was able to actually work on it. However I am happy I got to learn something. Those tasks that involved just research were also very informative. We weren’t just allowed to easily copy paste content for these tasks. I had to do a proper analysis and then mentors approved my tasks.
I sincerely thank Liquid Galaxy for this amazing experience. I am looking forward to contribute more.

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