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GCI 2018 students task samples

We want to present you a sampler of the 680 tasks students have developed in this year 2018 in our project. Remember that GCI has 5 kinds of tasks, like coding, documentation, research, quality assurance and design, so young students with not too much experience can jump in too.

Also you can see here some videos students have sent us regarding his experience on this GCI 2018.

Remember, being Open Source everything we do, most of the codes and other contents should be available at some future moment in our GitHub.

Enjoy them!

Annonimity announcement:
Students named here use a nickname, and they don't show up real names, cities or countries of procedence. We take care of his annonimity due that they're minors.

. 10 students made a task creating SQL Queries
. A dozen students made an script to calculate the distance between two coordinates
. 6 students helped us in find bugs in the core Liquid Galaxy code.
. 4 students developed a simple new web site in plain HTML for our project.
. 15 students connected to NASA's Earth API and developed a link to the Liquid Galaxy
. 54 students created a Point of Interest XML that will be able to put contents on the Liquid Galaxy


. Flutter (mentored by Flutter specialist Chema Molins)

Student Krzysztof made a nice manual in Flutter for Liquid Galaxy installs.

Student Jakub made a Flutter app to see the weather from cities and launch them on the Liquid Galaxy.

11 students installed the Android Studio SDK and Flutter plugin for it and created a sample Flutter application project in Android Studio

6 students develop tasks around FB and our system, saving and getting data from databases (CLOUD FIRESTORE)

4 students developed a Tensorflow model to recognise monuments using images of them. Most of them made a Convolutional Neural Network using keras.
3 students finished the task to recognize level of burning areas in forest for project Dronecoria.

Google Assistant
- 11 students finished Codelabs of Google Assistant
- 20 students created a Quiz Game for Google Assistant linked to the Liquid Galaxy

A few students were brave enough to go for a almost no one knows protocol
Student Simon develop a great task.

Several students developed an splash screen for our Liquid Galaxy for Education Android app

Web development
. Blogger: students Somya, Jon, Govind, Sachin, and Simon, helped us in developing a web site based on a premade template for this new community web site, LiquidGalaxy.EU.
We recognized his help on the footer of our new site.

. 18 students captured 2000 images of burned forest to help made a TensorfFlow model for project Dronecoria.
. 4 students think about new games for our Liquid Galaxy for Education Android app.
. 5 students made a research in finding the most qualified weather API for Liquid Galaxy.

. Installing alternate contents in the Liquid Galaxy

. HTML 5 Aquarium

. Google Art Project


. HTML5 experiments

. Installing a Liquid Galaxy by Paul

. Project logos:

  . HAPIS and Social Care logos
Student Ritz makes this lovely approach

Student RL makes this peaceful one

Student Ken

Student Masou

And student Athletic queen made this in paper ! Old Style.

. HAPIS logos

Student Manit

Student eshmeet

Student Abhi

Student Suneth

  . Dronecoria logos

Student Richard developed that great design 
thinking in trees and seeds.

  . Xenon Liquid Galaxy logo

Liquid Galaxy for Education

Student Vy make this design

Student Yuhan
Student Zohaa

Student ashley1199

. Wallpapers

Student shreya made this one

Student Bhawya

Student v0ster

Student Blas

. Videos of Liquid Galaxy 
Students created 3d videos with Sketchup showing up places where the Liquid Galaxy is being developed.

. End Point corp, NY, USA

. Liquid Galaxy LAB, Lleida, Spain

Students recreated Liquid Galaxy installations

. Flyer for Liquid Galaxy In Spanish

Student Pau

Student shreya3745

3D Design
. 3D buildings

Great job by student Avinash

Good job by Pau

Super design by student Thegurshack

Great job by Richard

. 3D mug

Student Azhar

Student AnupamKris

. 3D keyring
Student Canales made a nice design

. 3D logos

Student TP

Student lintangp

Very good job from student Azhar

Very nice design by student Zoom

. 3D case for Google Assistant for education

Student Canales made this great design

Student Richard made this amazing kiddie design

Liquid Galaxy T-Shirt

Student Pau adapted our logo with to this nice design

Student Zohaa designed a coloured version with a map on it

Student Eke developed this nice black approach

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