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Coding internship: Adrià Salamero

Hey! My name is Adria, on the left. I’m from Lleida (Spain) and I’m a second year student of professional module of Microinformatics Systems and Networks. I am doing an internship at Liquid Galaxy Lab. I'm doing a professinal intership at Liquid Galaxy Lab since February.

During this time, I learnt how to repair computers, format the hard disk and install operating systems. This way I’m of help when people need. I already have by now a better understanding of computer hardware and my interest in this part of the computer is increasing.

It was always hard for me to talk and express myself, but in this working atmosphere I can perfectly communicate and exchange my ideas.

I am really grateful to Andreu, for his enthusiasm and his teaching abilities, and to all my coworkers, for all their help and the nice working environment.

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