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Coding Internships: Matheus Vinicius

Hi, my name is Matheus Vinicius, i’m student of Electrical Engineering at Facens. This year i’m have the opportunity of be a student exchange and work in the Liquid Galaxy LAB, i like of the jobs and i’m learning very much here, and sure, i’m learn a new language too. 
Here a make same projects, one the projects is the smart espadrilles system, the project is based in the a assistant of the health, where is placed in shoes and measuring the ‘n’ variables, how steps, acceleration, calories, velocity, temperature, distance, efficiency and much more. 

In this project i make the chip, the building of the PCB went based in a ESP32 and the principal function it is the size, the chip have 40mm, is enough for placed in the shoes. In the plate we have three sensors, it’s gyroscope sensor, temperature sensor and accelerometer sensor, with that sensor in the plate is capable of the mensuring all variable spoken before. In the plate we have too, two system of communication Wi-fi and bluetooth, because of the e energy efficient we chose make the communication with bluetooth, so, in the smartphone we are creating the APP that will connect with chip and send/receive information.

The chip was sent for build and construction for after we make test and integrated all system.

Another project under development is related to P.E.R.A, (Ponent Exploration and Research in Aerospace). This work is focused on the development of a rocket for space exploration. In this project i’m making the list materials and building the rocket, make the . In final of the project the rocket will have 2m height and for this we are gonna used twelve pet bottles, we did the launcher and in the next day we gonna to buy the components for finish the construction of the rocket. 

Here i have the same materials that we are will use in the rocket  6 x bottles, Plastic plate, Air pump, Wire, Rubber band, Cable tie, Parachute and more. The system is divide in tree parts, rocket, launcher and electronics, the launcher and electronics is more difficult but is not impossible.

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