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Open Project: Internet of Espadrilles

Logo credit: student Dyl, GCI 2019

The new Open Project at the Liquid Galaxy community it's and IoT-DIY-BigData mix.

We have several students working on diferent blocks of the project, including:

- An Arduino miniaturized board designed by ourselves and being manufactured in china (as of december 2019), that will be embeded on the Espadrilles on a special textile side bag.

- a Android mobile app that will make the connection hop by Bluetooth between the espadrilles and the cloud.

- a backend connected to the Google Cloud IoT Core.

- a visualization on the Liquid Galaxy.

All with several special use cases we're developing that makes it different from a typical smart band you can wear, and doing workshops to do your own espadrilles and collaborate in create the use cases.

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