Google Summer of Code 2024 -unique post- - Liquid Galaxy project community site

Google Summer of Code 2024 -unique post-

We've been accepted as mentor organization in GSoC 2024.
GSoC Google platform

What to do now to apply for GSoC at the Liquid Galaxy project?

  • be aware of the GSoC official calendar, and also ours, included anywhere here.

  • read carefully and do ASAP the GSoC pre selection tasks

    • read the documentation available for task 1

    • see the many videos in this post from other contributors on their first task as guidelines

    • ask for help and comment whatever you want with other peers at our Discord, be polite and respectful in communications, and use the right channel.

  • read the whole project ideas document, and start thinking about what project can be of your interest.

  • We’ll not be able to answer everyone’s questions if do not follow the pre-selection tasks in order, so start with 0, send an email, and wait for the approval and green light for the next task.

Please, always contact with any questions, but first read this whole post. Do not use Discord for communications with the project, as whatever you ask for may be answered by different admins or mentors.

Artificial Intelligence focus:

2023 was the AI year, and as the mainstream market demands, 2024 and the coming years will still be a very hot topic. At the Liquid Galaxy community, we’ve been using AI for years to obtain data to be shown on Google Earth for our projects, using TensorFlow and more. Last year we made some specific advances incorporating an Artificial Intelligence server inside our rig LAN, managing with dockers the different projects, implementing local models for different functionalities, and having artificial voices in our system. Also last year we incorporated Google’s Mediapipe-based project Gameface to be able to control the Liquid Galaxy just with your face!

This year also we’ll allow the use of Cloud-based services, like Google’s models Gemini and Palm2 under his Google Cloud console APIs. Those models are advancing so fast that 2024 will make a jump for everyone’s life.

Everyone will have to connect their app and model to their own Google Cloud console, Liquid Galaxy project can’t pay for this service, so: be careful when using proprietary API keys on code. With this in mind, we have reinforced our mentor team with several new Google Developer Experts in Cloud, Machine Learning, and Flutter for better UX.

Contents menu  

Say hello to the actual
Liquid Galaxy mentors team for GSoC 2024

Upcoming presentations

RSVP for this presentation

4th Community Meeting at the Liquid Galaxy project

Notes by Pablo and Ryan , thanks


 Joining the community

 How the application process works

 GSOC 2024 upcoming dates

 Internal selection process

 Liquid Galaxy way

 Our preferred tech stack 

Github in 2024 GSOC projects

  • Reverse thinking for real in 2024

Proposals how to 

Sample of mentor project presentations: 

Oscar's AIS liquid galaxy 


Getting Started with the Community

To join the Liquid Galaxy community and receive updates:

  • Email: Use the team email, not personal addresses.

  • Discord: Direct message admin "andreu" with your full name, email, skills, and interests.

  • Make sure to join our Discord server if you want to get started with Liquid Galaxy! This will include introducing yourself in the server and DMing Andreu with your email, first+last name, tech stack, and interests, so Andreu can add you to the list of interested contributors and give you further instructions on how to get started.

  • Please make sure that Liquid Galaxy is an open-source community, please always try to keep the conversations in the public server so everyone can help contribute and ask/answer any questions that may exist.

Google Developers Event Platform

Liquid Galaxy will send notifications and reminders about upcoming events through the GDG platform, to make sure you never miss any events such as live streams for community sessions and workshops by industry experts. It is better if you come to lots of events to show your willingness to participate in the community! If you are interested, remember to RSVP to the events via the link you receive through email!

Upcoming streamings Live streaming

There are two upcoming live streaming events on Google events platform:

  • Live streaming and Q&A on how to install a Liquid Galaxy virtual rig in 2024 by Mahinour on March 5th.

  • Build with AI, Google training series discussing using models in projects and reviewing past and new projects for the year. This event is on March 5th as well.

Attending and RSVPing for these events is encouraged, as it can be helpful when selecting contributors for future opportunities.

GSOC 2024 Upcoming Dates:

Before March 18th:Students work on 4 pre-requisites, including proposals and community contributions.

March 19th - April 2nd: Students must submit proposals through the program website.

April 2nd - 23rd:Proposals are reviewed and ranked based on various factors, such as proposals and contribution to the community.

April 24th - 29th: Google decides on the number of accepted projects. Based on this number, LG will be 

May 1st: Accepted projects are announced.

May 1st - 26th:Community Bonding Period for accepted students. GSoC 2024 developers will get the chance to meet the other developers and get to know each other better.

May 26th:Deadline to confirm participation, otherwise the student is removed.

May 27th:Coding period begins!

Reaching GSOC 2024 

To be selected for Google Summer of Code (GSO) 2024, you should:

  1. Actively contribute to the community by participating in the Discord server, helping others.

  2. Complete the 4 required tasks in the specified order.

  3. Review project ideas.

  4. Prepare and submit a strong proposal.

  5. Attend community events (streams, meetings).

Remember, hard work and dedication are key to achieving your goal!

For Internals

Key points of Google's internship program:

  1. 50% technical skills, 50% soft skills: They value both technical proficiency and the ability to collaborate and help others.

  2. Open-source contribution: They encourage interns to contribute to open-source projects.

  3. Long-term commitment: They seek interns interested in becoming future mentors and contributors, not just summer income.

The Liquid Galaxy Way

- Unlike other organizations, LG is not issue-based, meaning you do not need to create PRs to fix anything on existing projects. Rather, try to communicate actively with the admins and 

mentors to find tasks you can contribute to. Communication is key.

Writing the Proposal

- Make sure to check out mentor Yash's video on how to write a good proposal.

- The master proposal document template can be found here.

- Some good things to include are:

1) UML diagrams

2) Worklogs

3) Roadmap

4) Timeline

LG Rig Setup

Explanation of LG Real Setup

Explanation of where bubbles and Logos must be:

All Logos must pass through supervision before implementing them

Why Flutter?

Main reasons why

  • Can create a very nice UI for the applications we create.

  • Has good features such as hot reload, which makes developing in it fast and provides a good experience.

  • Animations: infinite multiple combinations of animations.

  • Provides stateful and stateless widgets, which provides the way to provide animations and good visualizations.

Liquid Galaxy way

Key points:

  1. Storage preference: Store all code and data on a tablet. Avoid using paid cloud services (except for AI apps, with admin approval).

  2. Open source philosophy: Code reusability is encouraged. Existing implementations of Liquid Galaxy functionalities in Flutter, Kotlin, and Java should be utilized to avoid duplicating efforts.


The Liquid Galaxy project is moving all its code repositories, including those for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024, to their "Liquid Galaxy LAB GitHub."

For GSoC 2024, contributors will need to request project creation through the Liquid Galaxy LAB Discord server. The project will be created and assigned the appropriate permissions, and contributors can fork it to their own GitHub after completion if desired.

Reverse Thinking in 2024

The document emphasizes the importance of prioritizing data visualization in project proposals for 2024.

Here are the key takeaways:

  1. - Focus on visualization: Don't spend too much time on data preprocessing, prioritize creating impressive data visualizations using KMLs (Keyhole Markup Language) and visuals like images and HTML bubbles.

  2. - Mockups are crucial: Showcase your ability to visualize data through well-made mockups in your proposals. Without strong visuals, your proposal might not be considered.

  3. - Go beyond basics: Don't limit yourself to basic point and polygon visualizations. Explore using colors, animations, and 3D elements in your KMLs to effectively display information.

Mentor Oscar’s Visualization Project


​​AMIT KUMAR: How many maximum number of projects we can choose?

- Three Projects Max

​​AMIT KUMAR: Can we get a proposal from the past as an example?

- As we do not want people to copy past proposals, no past proposals will be released. You are able to ask mentors for help and feedback throughout, however.

Mohammed Yasin Zuhayr: Iis it possible to balance GSOC as well as college/uni?

-100% compatible, you will definitely do it,

-You will be a little bit stressed. Make sure to be able to complete the project, otherwise you are out.

Pablo Asenjo: ​​What's the average number of interns per year LG have had, ever since LG entered the GSoC Program?

- In the last years, LG has had between 10-12. There are some orgs that have bigger projects (20-30).

Manas: ​​Should the first proposal be 100% compete when sending it now or partially filled is also alright?

- You may share the document as soon as you created it, but will recieve feedback once it is filled out.

God Damn: Do we have to submit task 4 before March 10?

- Please submit everything by March 10. This is because the mentors and admins at LG will require time to review everything. Because of this, there is a good chance that your application will not be reviewed if you submit everything much later, even if you do end up finishing everything.

Aritra Biswas: ​​If we want to discuss the specifics of a proposal idea, whom would you suggest to contact?

-Firstly put it on the public Discord, then you will have a private mentor assigned.


how many maximum number of projects we can ch

Project Ideas for GSoC 2024 at the Liquid Galaxy project have been published.

This year we'll have all the ideas on a Google Doc, this way we'll update as needed easily and maintain a better navigability. As noted, this is not a final document, instead is a work in progress, where mentors will continue adding his project ideas, and modifying existing ones if needed. So check it suddenly. We'll announce if there are big changes.

    Click here for project Ideas for GSoC 2024 document 

The Liquid Galaxy project has applied for GSoC 2024

And here are some preliminary statistics

- 18 projects/apps developed by contributors for the community on the autumn-winter period.

- 5 more long-term projects con preparation, including the new Liquid Galaxy WIKI, and some new documentation.

- 700 members on our Discord channel

- 300 interested new contributors have contacted us through our email and Discord.

- Of those, around 60 are working hard to get recognition.

- 3500+ views of this unique GSoC 2024 post

- Developed 10 streamings and live presentations to train and inform contributors on GSoC 2024 and our project, including 5 countries, and 10 universities.

Steps to be pre-selected for our project

 till March 18

Before the GSoC portal opens for contributors to register their proposals, we have to pre-select contributors with enough knowledge and willingness to contribute with us. For this, we have developed a few tasks that in total, and under normal circumstances, will not take more than a few days of work.

PLEASE: read carefully and ask in our Discord in the Q&A channel about any doubt, but first read well all of this. We’ll not answer due to work pressure, questions that are clearly explained here.

AI use notice

We’ll not allow any of the proposal writing or the coding in our projects to be made only with an AGI code tool like Copilot ChatGPT, or any other. We want our contributors to have real knowledge and learn, and this is the way: coding by yourself.

Surely some GSoC contributors are likely to use AI extensively when writing their proposals this year. Think that we’ll never select any intern without personal interviews and specific tests, and will never select a GSoC contributor based solely on their proposal.

We will not condone this behavior and if detected will mean an automatic rejection or expulsion, at any moment of the GSoC steps.

All contributors that want to present a proposal and be recognized as possible GSoC interns, have to develop all the following tasks BEFORE March 10, for us to have time to review and rank internally. If you arrive late... run!

And always before:

  • Join our new Discord channel, a must for all general communications,

with this link:

Remember to be polite and respectful in your communications, avoiding

non-inclusive comments and terms.
As a community next to Google technologies, communities, and being open-source based, the Liquid Galaxy projects adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Google Open Source office,  please read it and follow.

  • View the latest community streamings for general information, because here you'll find answers to common questions well explained and with Q&A: Thanks to our amazing Google Developer Experts team and mentors for their contributions on those. 

and all the training sessions

Each step requires a OK from our side to continue to the next one. We'll not review any entry in other order, also any that has not accomplish all the 4 tasks.

Task 0: create a folder on your Google Drive for these tasks

Make directories for each entry, put all the needed contents in each folder, naming it with the task number and your name. After completing the task send the link to with a shared Google Drive folder, with open-to-anybody link permissions as mentors will need access to it.

Task 1: Build your own Liquid Galaxy with 4 virtual machines,

Be careful with the RAM requirements to run such a system, you’ll need at least 8GB of RAM, better than 16 for a more accurate experience.

The rig has to be 3 machines, and the fourth is for an Android tablet virtual machine (people usually run Bluestacks for this), as most of our apps run the core and UX on a Flutter or Android app.

Execute to test the system FOUR of our available applications on our Play Store account and show how these work in your virtual LG environment.  

Documentation is available on the newly updated LG installation manuals (both real and virtual)

developed by older contributors and updated by mentor Alejandro Illán (Thanks) 

English   Spanish  and the nice tutorial on setting up an LG virtual by wanna-be contributor Soham Jaiswal

Look also at the similar many 2023 contributors' videos already published in Youtube

Send proof of this task to with a shared Google Drive folder, with open-to-anybody link permissions as mentors will need access to it. Have this folder ready for all the processes, and make directories for each entry.
Inside has to be a 3-minute maximum video, recorded horizontally in full HD, showing your face talking and the screen recorded from the camera,  not screen captured, with a 4 VMs LG running. Please name the video with your name and GSoC2024.  We’ll not accept Youtube videos.

Drop too a DM to admins in our Discord saying the video is ready, and possibly it will be published here.

After the video is approved

Task 2: Code and send the same way a simple Flutter app.

The app has to have  4 buttons and our logo. Each button has to launch these functions to the LG for real:

  • reboot the lg (with a warning before)

  • move the lg to your home city

  • make an orbit upon arrival to your city

  • print an HTML bubble on the right screen of a 3 LG screen with the city name and your name in big letters.

  • EDITED: the app, as any app for Liquid Galaxy, has to have a settings screen, to be able to be connected when we test it.

Make a video for demoing and this time explain the code with the IDE behind it, and the virtual rig and tablet interface shown in action, show your face too. (edited for clarity)

We need a link to the drive with the video, the GitHub url where you posted the code, and the apk ready to be installed, target minimum Android 11, and coded for a tablet, NEVER for a smartphone screen.

After the app is approved

Task 3: Prepare 3 entries for the upcoming Liquid Galaxy WIKI.

Each entry has to have the clearest definition of what the entry is, and what part of the Liquid Galaxy handles, it can be UX side (functions on the apps in Flutter or JAVA) or the rig side (all the things related to the Liquid Galaxy cluster and his network, including the AI server and the Dockers we use).

Please write with clarity for others to understand, and quote code in the right way.

Add graphics if needed, and remember to store the images in the same folder independently.

All the entries have to be on the same Google Doc (edited for clarity).

TIP: it's better that you send us a previous email with what 3 contents you want to create for the wiki, as many other contributors may have chosen the same.

Each entry has to be a minimum of half a page, as you have to explain the aforementioned parts and the code or instructions involved.

You’ll be credited if the entry is published, and also you can be invited to write other ones if the ones you choose have been already written many times.

Send proof of this task to with the link of the shared Google Drive folder, with open-to-anybody link permissions as mentors will need access to it. Have this folder ready for all the processes.

Please name the doc with your name and GSoC2024.  We’ll not accept pdfs or .docx

Drop too a DM to admins in our Discord saying the doc is ready.

Task 4: Prepare your GSoC 2024 proposal

First review mentor Yash video about How to write a good proposal

Make a copy in your GSoC folder of our master document and create your own proposal on a Google Doc following these guidelines.

Send us your proposal link open for comments, to

And as always, route all your general queries to Discord, or personal ones by our email

Read carefully the guidelines for contributor's projects:

All the projects will have to be able to run with or without a Liquid Galaxy rig.

If a rig is available the user will set up the connexion through the standard menu, connect,

and then send info with the different options in the app.

But if the user has no connectivity, or is away from an LG rig, have to have the opportunity to

use all the functionalities of the app inside the Android APP with Google Maps or Earth embedded.

In the case, that the user has an LG the movements over the tablet on the map have to be replicated simultaneously on the LG rig.

Take a look at these two apps that do this particularly well:

RAS, by Karine Pistili on project Dronecoria.

Volcano Track, by Yash Raj.

Flutter TIP: we’ll rate better Dart/Flutter-based proposals, as we’re focused on using this language and method.

And remember to post all questions in the main Questions and Answer channel at our Discord

The first three batches of virtual Liquid Galaxy installations from wanna-be contributors in GSoC 2024 are coming next week, please remember to register at Google Developers event platform and see the streamings to learn.


Applications from the KISS contents are starting to populate our Github, with the help of mentor Vedant, in charge of the Github now.

Play Store uploads will start in a few weeks after the apps pass the testing and contributors create the needed graphic and text content.

You can rewatch the amazing presentation of the 15 Flutter-based applications presented to the Liquid Galaxy project in the KISS contest.
Thank you to all the contributors who have developed these great apps, and to the winners.


Final 2024 GSoC's calendar  (from Google's own site)

January 22 - 18:00 UTC
Mentoring organizations can begin submitting applications to Google
February 6 - 18:00 UTC
Mentoring organization application deadline
February 6 - 20
Google program administrators review organization applications
February 21 - 18:00 UTC
List of accepted mentoring organizations published
February 22 - March 18
Potential GSoC contributors discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations
March 18 - 18:00 UTC
GSoC contributor application period begins
April 2 - 18:00 UTC
GSoC contributor application deadline
April 24 - 18:00 UTC
GSoC contributor proposal rankings due from Org Admins
May 1 - 18:00 UTCA
Accepted GSoC contributor projects announced
May 1 - 26
Community Bonding Period | GSoC contributors get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects
May 27
Coding officially begins!
July 8 - 18:00 UTC
Mentors and GSoC contributors can begin submitting midterm evaluations
July 12 - 18:00 UTC
Midterm evaluation deadline (standard coding period)
July 12 - August 19
Work Period | GSoC contributors work on their project with guidance from Mentors
August 19 - 26 - 18:00 UTC
Final week: GSoC contributors submit their final work product and their final mentor evaluation (standard coding period)
August 26 - September 2 - 18:00 UTC
Mentors submit final GSoC contributor evaluations (standard coding period)
September 3
Initial results of Google Summer of Code 2024 announced

Google has just announced: (as of Jan 5, 2024)

"We are very excited to get started on this 20th year of Google Summer of Code!
Organization applications open in a few weeks, January 22 - February 6

Team WIKI is progressing on the development

 congratulations and thanks for the effort for Sidharth Mudgil, Dev Gadani, and mentor Vedant.

The III Community Meetup notes and video

24 December 2023      Projects and GSOC Briefing : Liquid Galaxy             Sunday

Mentors : 

Yash Raj Bharti

Vedant Singh

Andreu Ibanez


  • Email : Get on to the list by contacting Andreu with your full name and tech stack.

  • Discord : Post on the right channels for tracking progress smoothly. Stick to the assigned channels to maintain decorum.

All the events for Liquid Galaxy will be held using the Google Developers Group. Join the community to join the events.


Experts to help you with flutter, machine learning and more interesting stuff



Laser slides to flutter : 

  • 20 people are already working on it

  • Simple copy applications received

  • Require high quality UI/UX for a new app

  • All applications for a 10 inch tablet not for smartphone apps, since LG works with tablets.

  • Novel and working solutions required

  • Animations:

    • Slide transitions

    • Item list

    • Rotation, fade, Scaled, Slide transition, ….

    • The best 7 flutter transitions

  • Further algorithmic/conceptual developments may be added to the GSOC ideas list.

Simply CMS

  • Download from play store and create a kiss app 

Liquid Galaxy Control

  • Smaller pieces of the controller on separate apps

Web based KISS app

  • Scroll text application

Project Wiki

  • At capacity

  • Only team project, usually individual

Flutter Leida blogger template

  • Create a blogger template for the group. Blogger is a CMS


Liquid Galaxy General Rules

  1. The org is not an issue based repository. Lg does not require PRs on existing projects. Lg is a project/task based organisation and not an issue based organisation.

  2. Communication is key. Always help other contributors with their doubts on discord.

  3. The code and data are preferred to store on a tablet. No paid cloud services are to be used.

  4. Code reusability : reuse publicly available code for LG functionality

  5. Idea Validation : Inform the mentors first and then starting prototyping apps

  6. Enhancing Projects : again ask the mentors first

Why Flutter?

  • Beginner Friendly

  • Cross Platform Development : Android, IOS and Web

  • Hot Reload feature : instead of waiting for gradle build 

  • Componentization handles scalability well

  • Custom Widgets : easily add customisable widgets

  • More Flexible than Java and XML syntaxes

Do not stick to vanilla interfaces create amazing animations using Flutter widgets

GSOC 2024 : Nothing is guaranteed

Work hard and get achievements, the following points will help boost your profile for GSOC

  1. Willing to work with us with the winter tasks , contributing to the discord, and assistance to the streamings and meets

  2. Work on the 3 pre required tasks for all future contributors. Mid January 2023. Usually installation, developing flutter apps and project proposals.

  3. Read the project ideas . mid january 2023.

  4. Prepare your proposal and share it with us when ready, master proposal. 

  5. Continue using discord and assistance in the streamings and meets.


GSoC 2024 Official Announcement (NOV 9, 2023)

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with our upcoming 2024 program. Over the past 19 years we have welcomed over 19,000 new contributors to open source through the program under the guidance of 19,000+ mentors from over 800 open source organizations in a wide range of fields.

We are honored and thrilled to keep GSoC’s mission of bringing new contributors into open source communities alive for 20 years. Open source communities thrive when they have new contributors with fresh, exciting ideas and the renewed energy they bring to these communities. Mentorship is a vital way to keep these new contributors coming into the open source ecosystem where they can see collaboration at its finest from their community members all across the world, all with different backgrounds and skills working towards a common goal.

With just over a week left in the 2023 program, we have had one of our most enthusiastic groups of GSoC contributors with 841 GSoC contributors completing their projects with 159 open source organizations. There are 68 GSoC contributors wrapping up their projects. A GSoC 2023 wrap up blog post will be coming late this month with stats and quotes from our contributors and mentors.

Our contributors and mentors have given us invaluable feedback and we are making one adjustment around project time commitment/project scope. For the 2024 program, there will be three options for project scope: medium at ~175 hours, large at ~350 hours and a new size: small at ~90 hours. The idea is to remove the barrier of available time that many potential contributors have and open the program to people who want to learn about open source development but can’t dedicate all or even half of their summer to the program.

As a reminder, GSoC 2024 is open to students and to beginners in open source software development that are over the age of 18 at time of registration.

Flutter Lleida presentation

On dec 12 2023 we held the GDG Lleida local party, and we introduced there the new Flutter Lleida group. We also show off the Laser Slides application and give away some Flutter swag.

We're waiting for your Laser Slides app converted to Flutter to show it off !!!

Master proposal document for GSoC 2024

Copy to your drive this Google doc file, rename it as:

Modify the whole text and insert your proposal, share it with with comments open.

For tips and training see the video from mentor Yash about the art of writing good proposals.


Post a DM to admin andreu on our Discord to say you've presented a proposal.


Presentación program de becas GSoC en el Devfest del GDG Cloud Madrid

New Github rules for the Liquid Galaxy projects.

(Copied from permanent post)

Mentor Vedant will take the rule of Liquid Galaxy LAB Github maintainer since December 2023, with the help of senior mentor Victor Carreras, mobile lead development expert.

Among new rules and tools that we'll be communicating, since February 2024 all the projects for the Liquid Galaxy, being under GSoC or not, will be hosted in our Liquid Galaxy LAB Github

The way will be asking for the creation of the project to mentor Vedant through our Discord. The project will be created and given the right roles to the contributor. 

Autumn-Winter task allocation for contributors

As said in our past 2nd community meetup, there are a few tasks to develop from now till February, when GSoC tasks will start.
The people who develop these tasks will have more opportunities to be considered for a GSoC intern, next to the other tasks we'll explain in February.

0- Designs for Liquid Galaxy and Flutter Lleida

Are you good at design? We're looking for contributor creations for some areas:

- We need a video animation for our new Flutter Lleida group, no longer than 15-20 seconds with our logos*. t can be in 2D (with After Effects or similar) or in 3D (blender, Unity...)

The idea is to have a nice video intro for our upcoming Flutter-related training and meetings.

- Same for the Liquid Galaxy streamings intros. As you all have seen in our many streamings, we have an animation with a globe, some words and some logos. We want a new animation with all those elements, 10-20 seconds total, that can run forever in loop.

- Flutter Lleida blogger template
We’ll be creating a new web site in , Blogger based always, to store and share all specific Flutter contents and activities. We want contributors that want to create a Blogger template for the group, or modify one of the thousands freely available.

Please comment with andreu on Discord for questions or send your videos no later than Jan 15, 2024, as we'll include the best ones in our Kiss Contest session.
And yes, if your creation is the selected one, you'll receive some Flutter-related swag at home!!
Final criteria for selection by the orgs.

Logos to use:
Flutter Lleida and Liquid Galaxy project

1- Flutter interest group

We need a team of volunteers to organize this new group in the LG community where we'll be doing some specific activities and projects, with “weekly” presentations and workshops.

To begin create a shared with me Google docs, and start to pour ideas, activities will start soon with the training already published and more coming ones.

2- "KISS" Flutter app development

To earn “points” on the community and awareness to the mentor’s team, start to develop little and simple apps in Flutter for the Liquid Galaxy.
Take a look at the different apps we have in our Github, mainly for controlling or creating content, and do small and beautiful widget-based apps like

You don't know what KISS means ?? Google it

Laser Slides application migration to Flutter
We want to recreate, the Laser Slides app, in Flutter, adding beautiful widgetry and a few new functionalities. 
Any contributor interested ping admin andreu by DM in Discord, sending him your email, and you'll receive documentation and ideas.
More than one contributor can work on a separate project, we'll publish the nicest one.

AS SAID in our last DEC  meet, start to send your draft, apks, wires, etc
we prefer to evaluate your work earlier than you put many ours in something we're no interested.
Always ping by Discord mentor andreu for any query.
AND DO NOT SEND YOUR APKS or whatever by Discord, always send them to liquidgalaxylab@gmail,com

Very simple Liquid Galaxy CMS
We want to extract functionalities from Simple CMS and Simple CMS ES creating smaller applications.

Liquid Galaxy Control Tool 
We want smaller pieces of the controller on separate apps. Choose your own.

Gameface controller for LG 

Based on Sidharth code, we need a smaller app that works with GameFace (Mediapipe API) to control the LG with only your face.

Scroll text application 
This has to be a Chromium-based application, not Google Earth.

Something easy just to present texts static and scrolling horizontally and vertical, color changes and a few other improvements you can add.

3- Liquid Galaxy project New WIKI

---- PROJECT at capacity, contributors Sidharth, Arin,  Atharva, and Dev are working on this already, choose another project to work on, please

We need to create a new Wiki-style tool with up-to-date information about our project. 

It has to be a web-based tool, searchable, reliable and at zero cost of hosting and. The idea is to update and store all LG knowledge:
. Liquid Galaxy architecture
. Main functions and code samples
. All info we can pour on
This requires a team of contributors, for the creation of the platform, the capture of the information, and later update.

If you're interested in be part of the team, we look for maximum 4 contributors, ping andreu by DM on Discord.

Announcing the

Based on the apps that some contributors have started to develop, read previous new with "Autumn-Winter task allocation for contributors", all of those enter in the contest,

, we're announcing a contest under our new Flutter group, soon to be fully public:

- Goal: to create small open-sourced applications in Flutter for the Liquid Galaxy (read previous news about this). The applications will have to run both for smartphones and tablets, so dual layouts or liquid design are needed.

- Participants: the contest is open to all Liquid Galaxy contributors

- Dates: The last day to send us all the materials is January 15, no excuses there. Period has been postponed !

- App: You have to send us a Google Drive folder open with all permissions with the following contents:
. Documentation in Google Docs
. A link to your GitHub project.
. Video: recorded in HD, horizontally, with you introducing yourself, presenting the app functionalities, showing the app, and showing the virtual liquid galaxy accepting commands from your app and Beyond too
. Apk compiled targeting minimum Android 11 (API 30).

- Jury: will have Google Developer Experts in Flutter and Liquid Galaxy project mentors.

- Award:
1st, 2nd, and 3d: Package of Flutter and Google swag and certificate
rest: participation certificate

And of course: be near to being selected for GSoC 2024 !!

- Mentions: All participants releasing a functional application will receive a certificate of participation, will be mentioned on our site, and social networks, and have another opportunity to present their project in a special Liquid Galaxy streaming that will be held on Jan 18, 2024, 17:00 CET.

- Promotional events: the projects will be shown at several Google Developers events across Spain and maybe Europe. Google will also be informed.

- Disclaimer: We do reserve the right to modify or improve or make final decisions on the winner selection.
Remember, this contest is to motivate you to code, learn and help others, and be near selection to the GSoC 2024.

- Contact: forward your inquiries and final code to

Intense training season for all Liquid Galaxy contributors
 and everyone else
by our beloved Google Developer Experts and mentors.

CLARIFICATION on how to enter the streams live
- 1st: read this website for information, stay tuned to our Discord and read your email !
- 2nd: reserve your spot at the streaming event at the link under each proposal, this is the Google Developers event platform that we're on.
- 3rd: before the event starts you'll have access to the streaming URL on the platform.
- 4th: if you can not attend live, that's bad because you'll have not the opportunity to ask questions to the trainers, see the video on Youtube. After the session ends it will be embedded here.

--- agenda developing, more coming --

Remember to reserve a seat at the Google Developers platform for each event!

Presentations from mentors and contributors around the world

If you want our collaboration because you want a host one on your university or community, just ping admin Andreu on Discord, and he'll record a intro video for you.

Our long term contributor Emilie Ma, now at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, is holding an event to introduce the local students to the GSoC and the Liquid Galaxy project. Info on his web site:

Later we'll have a Meet with the local students

Mentor Vedant hold an event in Pune, India:

Title: Roadmap to Open Source Development and GSoC '24
Place: Bharati Vidyapeeth University, College of Engineering, Pune
Date: 10 October 2023
Time: 5:00 PM
Organized by: GDSC(Google Developer Student Club), GFG(GeeksForGeeks) of BVP

2nd community MEET, Autumn 2023
Register at and ask for a MEET invite in our Discord.
The Meet will be recorded as usual and posted here later. 

Meeting notes by Emilie and Gozie (thank you)
14 Nov 2023 | community meet lg

GSoC 2024 organisations have not been accepted yet
LG will know if we've been accepted in February 2024

GSoC 2024 will include a 'small' project scope of 90 hours over 12+ weeks (in addition to the 175 and 350 hour project scopes)

For those who are working or interning elsewhere, lowers barrier for those who didn't previously have an opportunity to do GSoC

LG community agenda:
Work done this fall will help earn credibility and increase our chances to be accepted to GSoC 2024
Several trainings will be taking places — please register on the events platform / YT
GitHub, UX, writing a GSoC proposal etc.

Starting project proposal preparation
GitHub maintenance
Organizing Liquid Galaxy GitHub
Forking new projects and previous GSoC projects
Starting a Flutter interest group as many contributors are interested + we have a close relationship with Flutter devrel team
Subgroup within the larger Liquid Galaxy community
Open to anyone with any skill level, but focuses specifically on Flutter content
Looking for a team to brainstorm activities and share docs with Andreu

Creating a Liquid Galaxy Wiki
There's an existing wiki, but it's not updated
Needs to be searchable and at zero cost

Should hold LG architecture, the main functions with code samples (e.g. connecting tablet to the LG)
Looking for a team to create the platform, capture and collect information, and format work

Q: Is this a web-based project?
A: will be, since it has to be public. We don't know what engine to use, part of the project work is to determine what's best.

Flutter KISS apps
To earn brownie points in the LG community and have a better chance to get into GSoC next year, build simple and useful apps that interact with the LG
e.g. a simple LG CMS with four buttons, simple tool to relaunch and reset LG, scrolling letters across the screens of the Liquid Galaxy
Contact Andreu on Discord with ideas first before beginning to code

Project proposals
Attend Yash's stream on how to write a good project proposal and review demo day videos
Base your proposal from the template on the GSoC 2024 post
Write at most 2 proposals, but keep them simple and share them with the mentor team
Send with commenting enabled to and post in #gsoc2024

Don't expect a yes/no answer or feedback right away
Usually we work on these proposals around the end of December
Mentor summit
200 GSoC mentors around the world
Fun chocolate table!

Q: Can we contribute to GSoC 2023 projects?
A: Complicated — most projects will not be maintained long term because contributors usually don't stay with LG for a long term. Adding more functionality or recreating a project is something scoped for another GSoC. If you want to continue another project, we'll have to recreate it. Focus on contributing to base LG tools (e.g. Liquid Galaxy controller, LGxEDU) or on building small KISS apps.

Q: When do we have to start working on the project? Before or after submitting a proposal?
A: No one, right now, has a GSoC project. You can start thinking about the idea now and writing a proposal. If you want to work on something, work on the community side projects (e.g. LG Wiki, Flutter interest group). No one knows if you'll be doing GSoC next year, so there's no use in working on the project ahead of time, unless you want to do a project outside of GSoC, which is typically a special case only for longer-term students.

Q: I don't have a lot of backend experience, what should I do?
A: There are many small mini-projects that you can build to improve your skills. We're very early right now, so it's not a must right now — continue to develop your skills as we go. Also, backends are a very vague word. Most LG apps have a very limited backend, typically just communicating with LG with SSH. The tablet apps are usually able to run everything we need.


2 de febrero del 2024
Presentación becas GSoC 2024 en la Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla. evento del GDSC Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Andreu will be presenting GSoC at the University of Navarra in Madrid.
Video will be available later. In the meantime register for the event at

First community MEET, Autumn 2023

Read and register at

Talk: at Devfest Barcelona, October 28 2023, by GDG Barcelona.
Andreu Ibanez will be presenting the GSoC program and the Liquid Galaxy project.

Min 58:07

Talk: at Devfest Girona, October 21 2023, by GDG Girona.
Andreu Ibanez will be presenting the GSoC program and the Liquid Galaxy project from Silicon Valley, where he was visiting and attending the GSoC world summit.

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