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Community activities for course 2023-2024

Dear Contributor, We have ended Google Summer of Code, and the activities are now cold down for a bit. But in a few weeks, things will happen again, as all the world Liquid Galaxy labs are starting the course 2023-2024, and news students and wanna-be contributors are coming in.

Activities coming are:

- Attending the GSoC mentors summit.
In mid-November a couple hundred mentors from the almost 200 projects in GSoC 2023 will meet again after the Covid-19 pandemic in Sunnyvale, CA, US.

Here new ideas, contacts, and what we call "cross-pollination" ideas happen. So expect those to come to our communities in later october

- Project and community presentations.
To capture the interest of new mentors and contributors, several mentors will give public presentations, both online and face-to-face. 

- Project Strategy and Web site clearance
Following our recent experiences and the new roadmap created with senior mentors and the new Google Developer Experts in our mentor team, we'll be clearing up the website.

- Autumn projects 
For students and contributors in residence at the LABS new projects and current tasks are now starting.

- Long time Google Summer of Code 2024 preparation
Some non-chosen contributors from past GSoC and some wanna-be early contributors, are now starting to do stuff in the community. Nothing's guaranteed, but this way people are more prepared for possible projects in the future-

If you're interested in the activities and follow ups, join our Discord channel and read this web site often.

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