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Student Sahanj and his experience in Google Code-in 2018

Notice about minors permission: Students have written those posts and sent the photos, and give permission to us to publish them. Still they are anonymous in the sense that we do not publish their authentic names, but his nicknames on the contest.


Hi! I am Sahanj jose this is my second consecutive year of my participation in Google-Code in and as Always it has been amazingly fun even though i had my pre-board examinations going on.
The open source program has taught me a lot since the past two years i have been introduced to new languages and lots of cool stuff that i had never heard about. (e.g.: Liquid Galaxy)
I am really grateful to the mentors from the bottom of my heart as they have been helping me on every single step and have devoted their time and efforts making young children like us learn.
There have been numerous tasks I have worked upon in the span of last two months but the one i like the most is in which a website had to be designed for the Liquid Galaxy organization.

Being a web developer by passion it is the easiest task for me to do which although is an assignment but unleashes my creativity, designing skills and the most important programming skills.
I created a simple and descent website with a video header and a breathtaking colour combination. My website included the functions, views and uses of liquid galaxy specifically for different fields. The next section explained about what liquid galaxy open source project actually was and on what purpose it had been created. The two last sections included the reviews section which had the space for three reviews with a profile picture is an impression making technique as reviews by people are the most convincing form of advertisement. The last section included a contact us form which is a must in all good websites and gets your tasks approved like it worked with mine.

Favourite number two: task was creating Point Of Interests for Stadiums in my country. Frankly speaking it is in my list as being an huge fan of sports the names of almost half the stadiums in my nation were on my fingertips which made it easier for me to just enter the names in Google earth. After entering the names in Google earth i used to pin the locations and saved the place coordinates in a folder containing all other places in (.Kmz) format. Around 15-20 places like had to be searched and applied with the same process. The next step was extracting each .kmz file into a .kml by using free software like peazip. The last and final step of this task was to open each .kml file using notepad++or similar applications. Once you had successfully opened the code you had to look for thesyntax and copy all the coordinates and code in it and pasting it in a new .txt file. This process had to be manually repeated with every single place and finally what was made was a .txt document containing all the xml needed to get the task approved. 

Favourite number three: in my list is the task in which i had to design a logo for the upcoming Liquid Galaxy Social Care project which at the first instance i had thought was easy turned out to be really time taking. My logo design had be rejected five times before it got approved. What really had to be done in this task took a little time for me to completely understand it but it was actually very simple a logo had to be designed which depicted social care and also included the original logo of liquid galaxy but not to prominent it had to mix in with the social care logo. I designed a simple logo with five colourless human stick figures holding hands and standing in a slightly arched manner. Later I filled all the colourless stick figures with the constituent colours of the liquid galaxy logo in sequence which made it look descent and elegant and at last in simple comic sans font ”Liquid Galaxy Social care” below the arch got my first task approved. 

Favourite number four: was creating a tourist guide of heritage sites in or near my country. Heritages are also the part of the wealth of a country and their richness and elegancy is what pleases all and that is exactly what a tourist expects when he travels rather than missing these beautiful sites due to lack of guidance and regretting it later. This task expected of me to pin all the beautiful heritage sites in my country which may be unknown to many I had to save their coordinates and manually code them into a text document containing xml. The process was pretty much same as favourite number two the only difference was in place of stadiums I had to do it for heritages and of course a few other minor differences. India being a vast nation I had to do a lot of researching for monuments which would be worth calling heritages. In a day’s time I had completed the code work but what was left was a description for each of the ten monuments explaining their history and time in concise three paragraphs. On the second day I submitted my task containing the .txt and description file which successfully got approved on the first go. 

Favourite number five: was creating a manual for the liquid galaxy setup. Liquid Galaxy’s immersive display is of use in numerous places and where it is much required but installation is not the easiest part for them and for simplifying things for them I liked creating this manual. I created a two pager manual consisting of step by step instructions from installation to testing. The manual was crafted to be simple and easily understandable but helpful. Once again i would like to thank all my mentors for supporting me throughout the competition and always having my back whenever i faced any problems.

 This year’s GCI has been an wonderful and enriching experience and i look forward to more such years.
Thank You! 

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