Coding internships: Pau Francino, CS student, Escola Politècnica Superior de la UDL - Liquid Galaxy project community site

Coding internships: Pau Francino, CS student, Escola Politècnica Superior de la UDL


Hello, this is Pau Francino, I’m a last year Computer Engineering student at the University of Lleida. I’ve been enrolled in the Google Summer of Code as a tester in the Liquid Galaxy LAB during the summer, analyzing possible bugs, detecting them and even giving thought on how to solve them.

These past months, I’ve been working on 10 separate projects. Most of them had the goal of visualizing data on a Liquid Galaxy rig, creating different kinds of projects for areas such as farming, Newspace and so on. Many used Google Earth Pro to show the real time location of elements of interest, such as satellites or ground stations. Another app shows specific fields and detects and classifies diseases on its plants with the help of an Artificial Intelligence model.

Others were games, we’ve had a classic retro Asteroids game adapted to play on LG controlled from the tablet. I’ve also been testing the world's first application that allows the user to play collaborative chess against a real launched satellite!

Each project is developed by a contributor, and each of these has at least one mentor, who guides and helps the student through the project. Both students and mentors were from all around the world, so it’s been a great opportunity to get to know people from all around the world and also their different ways of thinking and working. I’ve built a very nice friendship with each of them, and hope to team up with them again in the future.

Finally, I want to thank Andreu for this opportunity, for showing me around, being patient enough to teach me and keeping me motivated with new challenges. I totally recommend this experience to all tech lovers, given that this isn’t the only area available to work on, there are also drones, lasers, AI projects and loads of interesting stuff to work on!

Pau Francino

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