2/4 Google Code-in 2019-2020 student work samples - Liquid Galaxy project community site

2/4 Google Code-in 2019-2020 student work samples

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Google Code In 2019-2020: A glimpse of the work of the Liquid Galaxy students

Tapaswini - install.sh tutorial Tapaswini - Running Snake Pong Qazi - Arduino LG Controller Qazi - Setting up a Liquid Galaxy Mobiusdonut - Liquid Galaxy Arduino Controller Kahy - Liquid Galaxy Setup Janiru - Wifi-Arduino Liquid Galaxy ItsSzczepan - Wikimedia Testing ItsPKS - GalaxyWear Prototype ItsPKS - Android App with OSC Protocol ItsSzczepan - Arduino and Liquid Galaxy Matej - Google Assistant Tutorial Dyl - Liquid Galaxy Virtual Machine tutorial Avinash Kashyap - Setting Up VMs Aditya - Astronomy API Dyl - 3D Intro Qazi - Liquid Galaxy OSC

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