Google Summer of Code 2019 has been announced

Google has announced 2019 edition, the 15th !!!
The timeline of the program and FAQs are available now.

Our IDEAS PAGE and instructions in how to apply (if we're selected) is live !!

Look at these short videos if you're interested in knowing where to start with the program as student or as a mentor, looking to apply to be a part of GSoC and his open source organizations.

Students -- Be sure read through the Student Guide in the next couple of months to understand the ins and out of the program - it is VERY helpful! And be sure to visit the program site February 26th when participating mentoring organizations are announced. At that point it is in your best interest to research the organizations that have project ideas that intrigue you and reach out to 3 or 4 of them early, before the student application process even starts. Communication is one of the most important parts of the program.

Liquid Galaxy project will present again to the program, and will wait for Google's announcement at the end of february.

If you have any question about our organization and GSoC send email to

Our Team