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Project Ideas for GSoC 2024 at the Liquid Galaxy project


Project Ideas for GSoC 2024 at the Liquid Galaxy project have been published.

This year we'll have all the ideas on a Google Doc, this way we'll update as needed easily and maintain a better navigability. As noted, this is not a final document, instead is a work in progress, where mentors will continue adding his project ideas, and modifying existing ones if needed. So check it suddenly. We'll announce if there are big changes.

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Remember: We are not in GSoC, no one organization is in.
The window for organizations opens on January 22, and on Feb 21 18:00 UTC Google will announce selected orgs for this year's GSoC.

Artificial Intelligence focus:

2023 was the AI year, and as the mainstream market demands, 2024 and the coming years will still be a very hot topic. At the Liquid Galaxy community, we’ve been using AI for years to obtain data to be shown on Google Earth for our projects, using TensorFlow and more. Last year we made some specific advances incorporating an Artificial Intelligence server inside our rig LAN, managing with dockers the different projects, implementing local models for different functionalities, and having artificial voices in our system. Also last year we incorporated Google’s Mediapipe-based project Gameface to be able to control the Liquid Galaxy just with your face!
This year also we’ll allow the use of Cloud-based services, like Google’s models Gemini and Palm2 under his Google Cloud console APIs. Those models are advancing so fast that 2024 will make a jump for everyone’s life.
Everyone will have to connect their app and model to their own Google Cloud console, Liquid Galaxy project can’t pay for this service, so: be careful when using proprietary API keys on code. With this in mind, we have reinforced our mentor team with several new Google Developer Experts in Cloud, Machine Learning, and Flutter for better UX.

(This post is part of the main GSoC 2024 post , always read the main one for latest updates)

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