Student selection proces for Google Summer of Code 2020 at the Liquid Galaxy project

Student selection process
 Google Summer of Code 2020 
Liquid Galaxy project 

All the students applying to our project for this GSoC have to develop all of these task between January 1st and March 31 2020 on time and rightly to have options to be choosen.

Following the GSoC 2020 timeline, we'll continue (or stop) steps if Google selects us for this year program, the announcement will be on february 20th.

- 1: Have selected one of our projects from the ideas page, presented your own proposal, and had some hangouts and conversations with senior mentors to clarify, regarding both technical viability and personal knowledge.

- 2: Have developed a full Google docs proposal following our master document (make your own copy and modify), shared it with our account with full permissions.

- 3: Have installed and available your own Liquid Galaxy system, minimum 4 computers (3 computers, 1 server), 3 screens and one android tablet. The LG can be your own or one arranged at the different Liquid Galaxy labs we have worldwide.
Optionally if you have a powerful enough computer you can install a Virtual Box Liquid Galaxy.
You can follow the precious documents and videos made by Google Code-in 2019-2020 students in this drive link.

The student will have to install a full Liquid Galaxy system and deploy a minimum of two of these apps: LGxEDU, Airmashup, Wikimedia or Fly over your Big Data.
Look for the code on our Github.

With the system installed and apps running the student will send us a 10 minutes video explaining his experience and showing up the system running, including the basic functionality of the LG and launching the apps from the tablet.

- 4: Agreed with our basic timeline for this years projects (including this next to their own milestones in their project proposal):
. Previous work for selection: steps 1, 2 and 3.
. 1st month: have the main code developed and running on the  Liquid Galaxy server.
. 2nd month: have all the code developed including all visualizations on the Liquid Galaxy.
. 3rd month: have the application fully running and tested, including the launch from the Liquid Galaxy controller Android app, documentation in .md at Github, and a 15 minutes minimum video presenting the application fully running.
Next to this all the selected students will record a video for each month review, explaining and demoing their status.Those videos will be public in our sites.

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