Google Code-in: the Liquid Galaxy project has been selected as mentor organization

The Liquid Galaxy project has been selected by Google for 3rd year in a row as mentor organization at his world contest Google Code-in for pre university students. This means that our more than 80 mentors from 7 countries will be working non stop the upcoming three months to develop and review tasks for the students to learn and have fun.

The contest opens to the students december 2, all the info on the Google site

If you would like to view some sample tasks the students developed here're:

Throughout the last 9 years, 58 GCI organizations helped 11,000 students from 108 countries

Interests by profile

. Mentor: If you're interested in joining us to mentor students contact us on to talk.

. School or association:
If you're interested in having a onsite presentation of the contest to your students contact us on to talk.  We can do it onsite only were we have mentors, or by videoconference around.

. Student:
Go to the program's web for info and register (from december 2).
If you need help email us at  (only english)

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