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GSOC 2015: MyOIS

GSOC 2015 project proposal
Marc Solé Farré, Liquid Galaxy LAB, Spain


Project description

What is MyoIS ?

MyoIS is a project that provides a new concept for controlling the Interactive Spaces platform, the manageable myo gadget will interpret predefined gestures.


  • New predefined gestures axes X , Y and Z.
  • Link to a practical demo with leds and a Raspberry Pi.
  • Link to a Liquid Galaxy if available (on custom IS/LG Software from End Point)

Linked technologies
  • Interactive Spaces
  • Myo
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • Liquid Galaxy
  • Google Earth

Values for Interactive Spaces community

A new input control of the IS platform


Myo motion control and gesture control armband bracelet uses arm muscle activity and EMG signals to control digital devices over Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.
More info here.

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