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2023 New Theme for Liquid Galaxy Website

  25 Jan 2023, 

Liquid Galaxy 2023 New Theme for Website: A small video for the changes made is here:

Hi, I am Yash Raj Bharti, a 5th year student of IIT-BHU. I am a Developer with strong focus on UI and UX. In the timespan of 7 days, I redesigned the Liquid Galaxy Website to give it better looks, greater accessibility and more contrast between colours. Working with Google Blogger's Engine and coding with JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS with focus on good User Experience was my goal. I created a more responsive, interactive website with bigger images and cleaner looking UI and in the process, it greatly helped my brush up on my UX skills and I worked with the Google Brand Colours to create this site as Liquid Galaxy was created by Google back in 2008 as a Google 20% project and the open-source organization Liquid Galaxy Project has grown from there!

The final version of the website had some changes that were done in a day, which include some bug fixing,  a more cleaner UX for the Technologies Card Section on Desktops (https://www.liquidgalaxy.eu/#section-4) and some code cleanup to make the website load faster.

Final Set of Changes ->

I am really happy to work on the project and improve the site design. I seek a career in UX Engineering and Liquid Galaxy has greatly helped me in providing a stepping stone for my UX career.

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