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New Photo Team Application from our GCIer Janiru Semitha

Janiru Semitha, part of the GCIer team, has developed next to his father, an app to fill up correctly
our Photo Team page.

Of course this software is open sourced, and you can get it at this Github, remember when using it to give credit to Janiru. And note that the app can be used for any other team, as soon we'll be doing for upcoming GSoC and Liquid Galaxy LAB interns teams.

And for you to know about his experience on developing this software, Janiru has recorded this video:

And wrote this post

"I was very bored because of school holidays .In that time our Google code-in mentor Andreu gave us a work. That was crop all the images in the team LG photo and save them separately. And I did that work and gave the images to mentor Andreu. And my work was done

And my work was over but mentor Ivan Josa and student Merul had to make a python script to create the team LG photo. So I thought I should make one too.

And I told my idea to mentor Andreu and he liked it. So I started making my software I used Visual Basic to create my software. My father helped me a lot to make my software he is a Software Engineer.

It was hard to make a software in less than 5 days but I managed to make it. I worked about 5 - 6 hours a day. And my hard work was worth because if a man create the team LG photo it'll take more than 1 hour. But my software generates the team LG photo less than in 5 seconds even for the names of the teammates you don't have give them manually the software get the names from the photos name and add them to the team photo.

I got lot off knowledge by doing this project and I enjoyed making this software a lot. Anyone can download or edit my software by going to this git hub repository

If anyone gets a problem with my software email me to janiru160 at gmail dot com I would be happy to help"

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