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GCIers logo design contest

Votation finished !! Logos include author now !

The Liquid Galaxy project opens a contest to design a logo for their activities.

The rules are:
- Designs can only be created by actual GCI 2019 students.
- Designs will be free to use, without any (C), as everything we do usually.
- Entries will have to be sent as a PNG transparent file in high resolution (minimum 2.000 x 2.000 pixels). You can create it in a vector program, but we need it exported.
- Send your designs to liquidgalaxylab@gmail.com before april 13th to be considered in the contest. Students can deliver one or more designs.
- We'll be publishing the designs in this web page, anonymously.
- Starting april 14th students will be able to vote for ONE design, NOT for their own. Just pick one and send an email to liquidgalaxylab@gmail.com with the number of the selected design.
The votes numbers will not be public, just to not allow extrange voting situations.
- Votes will be casted till april 17th. We'll announce winner on april 18th.
(dates changed as 12.4.2020)
- The design and their creator name will be posted on our imagery page and used around our web site.
- Prizes will be a set of three pieces of swag related to any of the Google or Liquid Galaxy we develop. Which pieces ? We're not sure at this moment, but a t-shirt, a mug, and some more stuff will among them.
- Prizes will be sent by post when this Coronavirus situation ends.

Any situation not mentioned here will be on admin criteria.
Do not play if you don't want to agree on this.


ONE (by Merul)

TWO (by Merul)

THREE (by Janiru)

FOUR (by Emilie)

FIVE (by Janiru)

SIX (WINNER, by Merul)

SEVEN (by Dylan)

EIGHT (by Dylan too)

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