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Slack Google Code in channel for students

For students participating in Google Code-In, we have created a Slack channel.
Here you'll be able to ask for help, as well as help others with things they might know.
This will help reduce the workload of mentors, and make things easier for students as well, as they will be able to get replies from whoever is available than waiting for one of the assigned task mentors to respond. In fact, ideally, students might also be able to help other students - as collaboration is a huge part of Open Source, and note too that this is one of the points we consider to choose the final winners!

The channel will be moderated by our last 4 GCI winners, students Omshi, Arnav, Sachin and Tarun.
Thank you for your help!!!

1. Be kind, supportive and respectful. Remember the human.
2. Do not use language that is graphic or otherwise inappropriate. Refrain from sharing links of this nature. 
3. Avoid sharing personal contact details or social media information. 
4. Avoid spamming or attempting to clog the channel by over-posting.
5. The Mods/Admins have full discretion to remove participants who consistently break guidelines from the channel and/or the workspace.

ONBOARDING PROCESS - Students should be able to join the chat asking for a Slack magic link
at any task in the dashboard.

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