Google has announced Google Summer of Code 2019 students for the Liquid Galaxy project - Liquid Galaxy project community site

Google has announced Google Summer of Code 2019 students for the Liquid Galaxy project

Google has just announced the new students that will work around 4 months on our project.
with the GSoC "intern" this year:

Seven students from 4 countries 

1: Liquid Galaxy Controller Application Redesign

Sreyas Ravichandran

That will develop a new version of our Android Liquid Galaxy Controller in Flutter, implementing new comunication methods as OSC.

2: Python library for real time data visualization
Claudia Mihaela
That will work on a library for data and visualization developing a very special use case with their project HAPIS.

3: JavaScript library for data simulation and acquisition 
Renato Aurélio Fernandes 

Renato will work on a library specially ideated for Agriculture 4.0 and Smart Cities.

4: Liquid Galaxy for Education
Ivan Colomer

Will continue and end this ambitious project, including the main Android app and the Crostini Linux for Chromebooks configuration. 

5: Forest analysis and visualization
Marcel Porta 
Will work on the visualization and AI based on Tensorflow needed for project Dronecoria, 

6: New tools for the liquid galaxy
Eric Monné Mesalles

Eric will develop a set of new libraries for future LG applications, such as a graphics library, integration of Google Assistant on the Liquid Galaxy and the implementation of a new communication API.

7: AirMashup for Liquid Galaxy
Albert Morea

Albert will develop a special contents application that will showcase many different kind of data from the aviation industry in a educational format.

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