Steps forward on the Liquid Galaxy for Education project next to our partners Xtorm and Xenon Computer

From our different partners and students are coming new designs for the special tablet support we plan to have for the LGxEDU Liquid Galaxy for Education.

This design is being developed by Ilerna institute Lluis M, resident student at the Liquid Galaxy LAB, Spain. His model is a 3d printed case that will have two uses:
- A estandar Android or Chromebook/Android tablet that will drive the LGxEDU app, in that case from our partner Xenon Computer, Acer for Education largest reseller in Spain.
- And a Google Assistant. In that case the model is an AIY Voice Kit from Google, with his own internal battery to be autonomous, thanks to our partner Xtorm.
The system will listen for special Liquid Galaxy commands, and will have a push button to activate and one internal speaker too.

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