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GSOC 2014:System, Network, and Performance Monitoring for Liquid Galaxy Web-Based App

Ismael Arroyo Campos -
University of Lleida - Msc Computer Science

Short Bio:

My name is Ismael Arroyo Campos, I am a student from Lleida (Spain). I have finished my MSC in computer science and right now I am at the second year of my PhD in the University of Lleida. I have experience programming in many languages, learning new ones, making users’ manual, working under pressure, etc.

My PhD is about analyzing the performance of a Cluster Display-Wall under two types of architecture, Master-Slave and Client-Server, and make a model that represent its behaviour. My aim is to reduce the hardware requirements by optimizing the applications used on it by analyzing the performance and also trying to predict the behavior of a given hardware.

Project Title:
    System, Network, and Performance Monitoring for Liquid Galaxy web-based applications
1. Project Summary
The idea of this project is to develop a performance benchmarking solution that will help diagnose bottlenecks and make decisions for a better performance. At first instance, the metrics that this solution will take care are:
- CPU, Memory
- Network utilization
- Cache hits and misses.

2. Benefits to the community
This project will bring some benefits to the Liquid Galaxy Community. With the solution I am planning to develop it will be easier to diagnose possible bottlenecks, which are one of the main problems when running any tool that uses networking in Liquid Galaxy.
For those willing to use the Liquid Galaxy Technology, we’ll provide tools that aids them to know in which way the system can be improved.

3. Main deliverables
  • Benchmarking tool for Liquid Galaxy
  • Monitoring tool for Liquid Galaxy
  • Web application to run those tools
4. Technologies
  • Scripts for benchmarking
  • Web-App Monitoring Tool
  • Charts generated based on the data obtained from monitoring
  • Languages: Bash, Gnuplot, HTML5, PhP, C, Node.js, Socket.IO

5. Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Computer Science- Robotics specialization
  • Master of Engineering in Computer Science
  • Currently doing 2nd year of PhD in distributed computing
  • Basic course of game programming  
  • Basic course of game designing and creation
  • 2,5 years working in robotics lab of Universitat de Lleida to finish my BsC
6. Project Timeline

Before April 21:

  • Get a list of web applications for Liquid Galaxy
  • Make some initial monitoring to decide best benchmarking tools
    April 21 - May 19 (Bonding period)
  • Discuss the project details with my mentor.
  • Do a strict definition of how all project parts must be implemented.
  • Decide a web application to work with
  • Decide best tools for monitoring

May 19 - June 27 (First working period - Mid term evaluation):
  • Start monitoring scripting
  • Test different ways to make an standard/user-like benchmark
  • Discuss the results of the web application benchmarking in Liquid Galaxy

June 27 - July 27 (Second working period )

  • Web interface for the benchmarking tools

July 27- August 11

  • Finish documentation

August 11: suggested pencils down

August 18: Firm pencils down

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