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GSOC 2015 project proposal
Ismael Arroyo, Liquid Galaxy LAB, Spain

Project description
My project would be mixing Liquid Galaxy with VR technologies like Cardboard ( to add a true immersive environment and a synergic interaction controller.

The main issue when showing LG to people is the training time of the peripheral (SpaceNav, Leapmotion, etc). To overpass this, a more intuitive peripheral like Myo (  can be added to the system.
Myo and Cardboard would be additional controllers for a Liquid Galaxy system on which a user can immerse totally in a photosphere, Street View (Peruse-A-Rue) or other different use cases where 360 visualization is required.
The project would consist on synchronize the Cardboard view with the Liquid Galaxy’s view and, also, add a new controller like Myo.

There can be a new button in the touchscreen or tablet interface to enable and disable these features to choose what controller is in use.

Value added for the Liquid Galaxy project
This project will share the personal experience of using a LG with visiting colleagues by using the 2015 emerging technology of virtual reality (cardboard, oculus rift, etc).
One person will use the VR headset while others can share the same experience with LG together.

Linked technologies
Myo SDK (

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