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Dronecoria Visualization Engine new project of Liquid Galaxy LAB

The students team formed by Oscar Carrasco, from University of Laguna, Tenerife, Deniz Yüksel, from University Bilkent de Ankara, Turkía,the students from the new Liquid Galaxy LAB located in the University of Facens, Sao Paulo, Brasil, and the residents in the Liquid Galaxy LAB de Lleida, Albert, Aleks, Francesc, Iván, and others, face together the Liquid Galaxy for Education project implementation of a visualization of differents aspects of the Dronecoria project.

"Dronecoria, Open Source Code Drones to reforest the planet" is a project that develops a system that serves so that drones can help in the sustainability of the planet through the reforestation of burned forests.The project defines both the structure of drones of simple construction, the manufacture of special seeds, to the control software of the same, through the system of storage and launching of the seeds specially created for the project and its deposit.

The Liquid Galaxy system will be used as a platform for different calculations and visualizations:
- Calculation and visualization of the routes that a drone will have to carry out in a preliminary visual inspection that will determine by means of tiling and subsequent image recognition the appropriate areas for reforestation.
- Visualization of the reforestation route.
- Calculation and visualization after of the reforestation (year seen) of the percentage of success of the seed sowing missions.

In addition Dronecoria has been a project of those selected by What Design Can Do among 384 ideas from 70 countries to curb climate change. News in La Vanguardia, Spain

Introductory video of Lot Amorós:

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