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Code-in: work samples, muestras de trabajo

Almost 500 students from Lleida, Spain and around the world, have worked in the 2 months period  in the 150+ tasks of our project in Google Code-in.

More than 450 tasks have been fully completed, including 110 Liquid Galaxy installation software setups, both on virtual machines or for real, like this one from student Omshi:

Or this from student Syed

Or this from student Surya:

And this GSoC project with Wikimedia installation from student Terence C.

And lots more from all tasks:

POI sets, points of interest:


Google Assistant Liquid Galaxy GEO Queries

Scavenger hunts that will end up in a Google Assistant interaction with Liquid Galaxy:
Students have also learn and interacted with Google Apps suite, forms.

Sample from student Omshi Samal

Sample from student Nitin Nataraj

Toronto Scavenger Hunt Dhishan


Original frame 3d design and flyby animationm

30+ 3d building for Google Earth designed with Sketchup:

Some of the dozens t-shirt designs:

Video explaining the LG:

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