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Introduction Google Code-in

A​ ​global,​ ​online​ ​open​ ​source​ ​development​ ​&​ ​outreach​ ​contest for​ ​pre-college​ ​students​ ​ages​ ​13-17 

The ​Google ​Code-in ​contest ​gives ​students ​around ​the ​world ​an ​opportunity ​to explore ​the ​world ​of ​open ​source ​development. ​Google ​not ​only ​runs ​open ​source software ​throughout ​their ​business, ​they​value ​the ​way ​the ​open ​source ​model encourages ​people ​to ​work ​together ​on ​shared ​goals ​over ​the ​internet.

Nice design developed by a GCI student

This ​year ​we ​hope ​to ​have ​even ​more ​students participate ​globally. Please ​help ​us ​spread ​the ​word ​and ​bring ​more ​students ​into ​the open ​source ​family! 

Participants ​complete ​“tasks” ​of ​their ​choice ​for ​a ​variety ​of ​open ​source ​software projects. ​Students ​can ​earn ​t-shirts, ​digital ​certificates, ​and ​hooded ​sweatshirts ​for their ​work. ​Each ​software ​project ​will ​name ​two ​students ​as ​their ​grand ​prize ​winners and ​those ​students ​win ​a ​four ​day ​trip ​to ​Google ​in ​Mountain ​View, ​CA, ​USA ​the ​next summer. 

Since ​open ​source ​development ​is ​much ​more ​than ​just ​computer ​programming, there ​are ​lots ​of ​different ​kinds ​of ​tasks ​to ​choose ​from, ​broken ​out ​into ​five ​major categories: 
1. Code: ​Writing ​or ​refactoring ​code. 
2. Documents & Training: ​Creating ​and ​editing ​documentation ​and ​helping others ​learn. 
3. Outreach & Research:​ ​Community ​management ​and ​outreach/marketing, ​or studying ​problems ​and ​recommending ​solutions. 
4. Quality ​Assurance: ​Testing ​to ​ensure ​code ​is ​of ​high ​quality. 
5. Design: ​User ​experience ​research , ​interface ​design or anything in design related to our project.

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