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Proyecto LAB: Android controller and administration tool for Liquid Galaxy rigs.

The "Android controller and administration tool for Liquid Galaxy rigs" is a companion project for the 2013 End of Career project for the computing degree of Joan Llimiñana, a University of Lleida Engineering School (EPS) alumni.

It consists in an Android aplication that will allow users of a Liquid Galaxy system
to handle several tasks from an android tablet.

The tools that the aplication will provide are divided in two main areas:


- Direct Navigation: allowing the users of the rig to navigate through the Google Earth contents with swipes, pinch in pinch out, a basic directional icon set, and a text search bar.

- Poi and tour Navigation: flying directly to defined points.

Private (with password acces)

- Poi and tour management: this section will handle the Point of Interest data, including capture from Google Earth, creation, editing, and deleting, both for POI and Tours.

- Basic administration tasks: this section will handle tasks like restarting the Liquid Galaxy system in various ways, or launching other demostrations and Html5 available aplications that runs over a Liquid Galaxy.

- Open Data link screen: this optional capability will be the link to the Open Data & Open Dai link to Liquid Galaxy main project, and will handle diversous related tasks.

This Android aplication will be a helpful add on for the project PULGA, eliminating the need for a Space Navigator 3d controller that can be expensive for schools, using instead Android tablets (even smartphones), available all around.

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