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Interactive Spaces, proyecto 2014, Marc Gonzalez

Marc Gonzalez trabajará su proyecto de final de máster con la plataforma Interactive Spaces de Google, en el cual enlazaremos el Liquid Galaxy en un proyecto de exposición interactiva con la Luna cedida por la NASA de que disponemos en el Parc Científic de Lleida, aprovechando para promocionar el año Oró, con el que se pretende fomentar los estudios de ciencias.

“Google Interactive Spaces on Liquid Galaxy to promote Science”

In this project will use Google Interactive Spaces that are physical spaces with interactivity to display information on Liquid Galaxy.

The main idea is implament an activities that use a relay box or Arduino boards that connects to LG and show more information on it. We have though and specific case use to show their operation.

The idea is to mix a Liquid Galaxy, the mockup and a array of small laser diodes, all driven by IS software. A web menu on the touch screen will show a list of the 10 most important places on the moon (10 for ten laser), when the user pushes a place (point of interest in Liquid Galaxy/maps terminology) the Liquid Galaxy moves to that place, showing a popup with more info and allowing the visitor fly freely around, but also, and driven by IS, one of the laser diodes will light the place on the mockup.

Will use IS to connect all the events producers and events consumers and LG to display the information. We could try to use Google Earth or the new version of software Peruse-a-rue that we have installed on LAB running into Ubuntu and Windows systems.

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